Top 8 Portable Band Saw 2020 Reivews

Are you a professional woodworker, metalworker, or a lumberer? Do you often find yourself in difficult situations due to your incompetent band saw? There might be a variety of band saws, but to serve the ever-changing demand, you might need to move to a portable band saw. Portable band saw, these days, come in a much compact size but the performance is no less than a traditional large saw. Thus, we are ready to bring you the eight best portable band saws currently available in the market. If you want to find additional tools for your cutting job, you can find the metal cutting bandsaw machine below.

Buying Guides Of Portable Band Saw

Cordless vs Corded: The first dilemma that you have to face is choosing between a cordless band saw and a corded one. The cordless saw typically offers you more flexibility in your cutting job as you can bring it anywhere without the need to find a power cord. However, some of you might want a corded one since it usually is more powerful, and you do not need to charge the battery from time to time.

Adjustable Cutting Speed Option: Some of our recommended band saws have adjustable cutting speed, and some do not. If you need variable speed on your cutting job, you might want to look for the saw that has adjustable speed. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it might cost more.

8. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 2.5 in. Portable Band Saw

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 2.5 in. Portable Band Saw

First and foremost, a portable cordless band saw from Ryobi. This Ryobi saw has the cut capacity for a huge range of applications. It is specially designed to cut metal, wood, and plastics. This portable band saw has an integrated pommel handle that can deliver more comfort at increased visibility. And, with the capacity of 560 SFPM, it allows you to perform quick cut for all materials at a faster phase. Besides, since this saw is a lightweight one, you can carry it around to perform your duty at your best convenience. This saw also has adjustable blade tracking that can fit most 32-7/8-inch blades.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Increase Visibility
  • Quick Cut Performance

7. 10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit

10 Amp Deep Cut Variable Speed Band Saw Kit

This band saw has a powerful 10-amp motor at a variable speed dial between 0 and 420 FPM. This saw has a 5-inch x 5-inch deep cut capacity. Meanwhile, thanks to its extraordinary balance and ergonomics, you will get to have a more accurate cut with less fatigue. Since this whole saw only weights at 16b lbs, you will find it much easy to carry it around and perform your cutting job. With this saw, you can easily cut pipers, rebar, tubing, metal, wood, or plastics without any obstacles.


  • Lightweight
  • 5-inch x 5-inch deep cut
  • Compatibility with most surfaces

6. Milwaukee 0729-21 Speed Portable Band Saw

Milwaukee 0729-21 Speed Portable Band Saw

A distinction from the number 8 saw this cordless saw comes with a battery and charger included in the package. This saw from Milwaukee can perform an optimal cutting performance and assist you in your cutting duty by eliminating must struggles. In terms of technology, Milwaukee uses the 28-volt revolutionary lithium-Ion technology with a cutting capacity at 4-3/4-inch by 4-3/4-inch. Besides, there is also a LED light assistance attached to the saw to help you make better cut in a dark place. Meanwhile, its grip handle is a comfortable and non-slippery one. Thus, you will receive a better gripping experience at reduced operator fatigue.


  • Cordless Saw with Battery and Charger Included
  • Optimal Cutting Performance
  • LED light Assistance for Cutting in Dark Places

5. DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw, Tool Only (DCS371B)

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw, Tool Only (DCS371B)

This band saw has a cut capacity of 2-1/2″. Since Dewalt designed this saw with a handle in the middle place, it has excellent balance and ergonomics. Besides, the ergonomic soft handle will provide you with more comfort and flexibility in performing your duty. And, like the earlier product, this one also has a LED light to assist you in performing your cutting job in a dark place. You can also adjust the blade tracking according to your need. And, changing the blade is no obstacle for you with this Dewalt saw, thanks to its tool-free and mess-free blade changing lever. Besides, since Dewalt attached dual bearing Dewalt cordless portable band saw blades rollers on the product, you will have a more accurate cutting result. However, you have to notice that, despite being cordless, you have to purchase the battery and charger separately.


  • Excellent Balance and Ergonomics
  • LED light assistance for cutting in the dark
  • Changeable Blade

4. Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Tool Only

Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Fuel Deep Cut Band Saw Tool Only

It is model “2729-20” this time. This saw is a highly durable one with all the premium materials and dedicated design. Milwaukee utilized the POWERSTATE™ motor and the M18 FUEL™ to equip you with faster cut using this 2729 saw. Besides, Milwaukee designed this saw as a cordless one with a runtime 2x more than an average cordless saw. And, despite being cordless, it can perform a legendary performance as its fellow corded saws. Milwaukee also incorporated the latest cordless power design in this cord to provide you optimal cutting performance and a strong electronic clutch with overload protection. There is also an LED light to help improve the illumination of the cutting area. You will also find it easy to store this band saw, thanks to the hang hook design.


  • Highly Durable Saw
  • Legendary Cutting Performance
  • Runtime: 2x More

3. Milwaukee New 2429-21xc M12 12 Volt Deep Cut Cordless Portable Band Saw

Milwaukee New 2429-21xc M12 12 Volt Deep Cut Cordless Portable Band Saw

This recommendation is no other than the “2420-21xc” from them. This is a sub-compact saw that is super light and super compact, weighing at only 6.75 lbs at 12-inch length. You never find one like this in the market. With this saw, you can perform your cutting duty with one hand. It fits best for cutting materials at a small diameter. Despite being small and cordless, it is somewhat robust since you can cut through 3-over-4-inch-EMT in about 3 seconds. It can also deliver approximately 150 cuts per each charge. Using this band saw, we can ensure that you will get a clean finish after every cut. In addition, this 2429 model also incorporates a LED light and a variable speed trigger. Not to mention that this cordless band saw from Milwaukee comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • One-Hand Cutting Performance
  • Compact Size and Super Lightweight
  • Clean Finish after Every Cut

2. DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch (DWM120)

DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch (DWM120)

To another band saw from Dewalt model “DWM120”. This portable band saw comes with a 10-amp motor that is powerful enough to withstand almost any cutting duties at your job site. This is also owing to the fact that Dewalt already equipped rubber bumpers and serviceable steel shroud to this band saw. This one has a 5-inch cut capacity at rectangular stock. And, since this DWM120 band saw has a LED sight light, you will get to perform your job at ease even in a dark environment. There is also an integrated hand hook on the saw to allow you to hand it without accidentally damaging front castings or handle. You can also change the cutting speed for your specific need and various application, thanks to its variable speed dial. Beyond this, it is also easy to change the blade of the saw with its incredible blade changing lever. Not to mention that the blade itself is much durable owing to the accurate blade tracking that can reduce wear.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Additional LED assistance for cutting at night
  • Integrated Hand Hook for easy storage
  • Adjustable Cutting Speed

1. Makita XBP02 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw Kit (3.0Ah)

 Makita XBP02 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw Kit (3.0Ah)

It is the XBP02 cordless band saw from Makita. With this band saw, you can adjust the cutting speed at 6 different variables. You can simply do so by using the speed control dials to match between the speed and your application. With this saw, you can cut efficiently at most surfaces such as Unistrut, channel, all thread, corrugated, pipe, conduit, square tubing, sheet metal, and more. Makita also equips a protection circuit over the torque to protect the motor from any damage. The foot of this saw is indeed adjustable and offer protection for material and provide you with more accurate cuts. And, since this one comes with protective bumper designs, you never have to question its durability. There is also a tool hook for you to easily store and secure the band saw when it is not in use. With the weight of only 14.3 lbs at a compact size of 20-5/8″, this band saw fits just like a glove to help reduce operator fatigue.


  • Adjustable Cutting Speed
  • Compatibility with Most Surfaces
  • Ultimate Protection and Durability
  • Reducing Operator Fatigue


Finally, you have finished our review of the best portable band saws. We are wondering which one makes it to your list. Do not hesitate much. Get ready and perform your cutting duty at your best convenience with our recommended portable band saws. Enjoy your shopping!!

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