Top 8 Lace Up Work Boots 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a work boot for your feet’ safety? Are you also looking for a nice looking boot? Then lace-up work boots are the right one for you! Wearing a lace-up work boot will ensure that your feet are always protected from harmful elements and unforeseen accidents at work. As not all occupations require the same level of protection, so there are many types of lace-up work boots available.

So to save you time, this article will provide you with a buying guide of good lace-up work boots followed by a list of reviews and Advantages the 8 best ones available in the market right now. Now, let’s take a look through the brief buying guide.

Buying Guides Of Lace-Up Work Boots

Whether your profession is in restaurants, construction sites, or industrial factories, a good work boot is essential to perform your job efficiently and safely with no worries. Work boots are beneficial for keeping your feet safe and protected from harms such as electrical hazards, chemicals, and extreme heat. Whether you are specifically looking for men’s lace-up waterproof boots, there are THREE main things to consider when looking for it.

Materials: One of the most important factors is the material and its quality. Most of today’s fashionable work boots come out in three types of materials: Nylon mesh, full-grain leather, or waterproof material. Buyers can choose the material that best suits their work needs.

Protection: Safety toes are essential for performing medium or high-risk jobs. There are three different types of safety toes available for today’s consumers including Aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, also check for waterproof and insulation.

Comfort: while providing protection, they should be also comfortable to wear with a soft and breathable insole, spacious toes part to avoid sweating, and relaxed fit to avoid cramps and sweaty feet.
Now that you know the three main features to consider when getting good lace-up work boots, let us dig through the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now and all the necessary information you need to make the right purchasing decision.

8. PUMA Safety Men’s 7″ Conquest Zip WP

PUMA Safety Men's 7

This is a premium leather boot from Puma with a beautiful conquest zip. It is comfortable to wear with a synthetic sole. It has a mid-cut design to protect the ankle area and an over-the-top extra high scuff cap to provide support to those who kneel a lot in their job. The traditional lace-up design is beautiful yet it provides wearers with a secure fit.

It is very comfortable and easy to wear with a YKK® zipper and closed dust tongue for easy on and off. To prevent leakage from dangerous elements, it features BreathActive functional lining. It also has a cushion® BA+ footbed featuring two layers of foamed polyurethane for the long day standing and wearing with an anti-slip outsole.


  • Comfortable to wear with a synthetic sole.
  • Mid-cut design to protect the ankle area, and toe-cap
  • Lace-up design, secure fit
  • YKK zipper, and cushioned footbed
  • Anti-slip, leak-resistant

7. Carhartt Men’s Cmw6095 6″ Casual Wedge Work Boot

Carhartt Men's Cmw6095 6

This is another 100% pure leather work boot from Carhartt Men. This long lace-up boot has a shaft measuring approximately 7″ from arch. It has toe protection against accidental items dropping on your foot. It is also very beautiful looking with a nice brown oil-tanned on the premium leather.

It provides great durability with Bon welt construction and dual-density rubber outsole from Carhartt. It has a PU Strobel pad and PU cushion insoles for comfort. You can enjoy protection from hazardous elements and chemicals with the Storm defender® waterproof protection. It also features a breathable membrane for air ventilation.


  • 100% pure leather work boot
  • Toe protection
  • Bon welt construction and dual-density rubber outsole
  • PU strobel pad and PU cushion insoles
  • Waterproof, breathable

6. STQ Women’s Combat Boots Lace up Ankle Booties

 STQ Women's Combat Boots Lace up Ankle Booties

This is a women’s work boot with a pure rubber material. It features eco-friendly rubber with comfortable lining inside to keep your feet dry and comfy. This women’s boot is equipped with a padded collar for a comfortable fit around the ankle and protects your feet and ankles from cold. The bottom sole is wear-resistant and anti-slip.

For your extra comfort, the footbed is cushioned with soft padding and the lace-up design fits for every of your outfit. The zipper is attached for decoration and chick look. It has a breathable design with a spacious toe room, soft insole to avoid sweaty feet and for your comfort working long hours.


  • 100% Leather, Premium Rubber sole
  • Waterproof, toe protection
  • Breathable Gore-Tex liner
  • Anti-sweat, moisture protection
  • Long term endurance

5. Geddard Waterproof Ankle Boots for Women

Geddard Waterproof Ankle Boots for Women

This is a nice looking synthetic leather booth specially made by Geddard for women. This model is very comfortable to wear with Ankle Booties Shaft measures approximately 4.7″ from the arch and low heel height for easy mobility. This allows the shoes to fit your feet perfectly which helps reduce discomfort and accidents.

These combat boots and ankle boots are made of enduring fabric with the waterproof ability so that they can adapt to different weather and conditions. It has the perfect lining to ensure its endurance. It also has a wear-resistant rubber outsole that is specially textured to maintain a grip on uneven and smooth terrain.


  • Nice looking synthetic leather
  • Long ankle booties and low heel height
  • Enduring fabric
  • Waterproof, nicely lining
  • Textured outsole

4. KEEN Utility – Men’s Braddock AL Mid

 KEEN Utility - Men's Braddock AL Mid

There is another pure leather work boot for men from Keen Utility. For your perfect comfort, it features left and right asymmetrical safety toe with aluminum-composite toe designs to ensure your toes have more room to wiggle around with maximum comfort. The sole bed is also comfortable for you to stand on for a long duration. These safety shoes without steel toe are guaranteed more security to your feet.

This work boot features a dry proprietary waterproof membrane that lets heat and vapors out without letting water in. This ensures the breathability of the boots when you are working in hotter areas. It features oil- and slip-resistant outsoles that meet ASTM nonslip testing standards. This product is made in the USA.


  • 100% Leather
  • Patented asymmetrical safety toes design
  • Comfort sole bed
  • Waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsoles

3. Polar Fox Ronny MPX806037 Mens Casual

 Polar Fox Ronny MPX806037 Mens Casual

This casual looking work boot for Men from Polar Fox Ronny is made with top tier crafters. It is equipped with durable purposefully trained synthetic leather for extra comfort and a beautiful look. This boot is designed to protect and stabilize your mid-range Ankle Area. It also has a six-slot lacing for comfort fit.

The boots have a padded interior with rubber soles for comfort and flexibility. It also triples stitched from the interior for protection and long-lasting use. It is waterproof and anti-slip with a rugged outsole design. It comes with a 30 Days refund and 90 days Warranty.


  • Made with top tier crafters
  • Trained synthetic leather
  • protect your mid-range Ankle Area.
  • Comfort fix, padded soles
  • Waterproof, anti-slip
  • 30-Day refund, 90-day warranty

2. Lucchese Bootmaker Men’s 8″

Lucchese Bootmaker Men's 8

This is Lucchese frontier tech work boots for men. It features full-grain leather that has been treated with defender repellent systems to guard you against hazardous elements. It has a Vibram outsole to ensure the boots are anti-slip and allow you to move quickly. It also has a Safety Toe protection cover that is made of the nanocomposite.

This boot is spacious for your toes so they will not be cramped and become sweaty. The shoes are also waterproof and leak-proof so no need to worry about hazardous elements getting inside from the sides. You can enjoy this nice looking boot with its comfort fit design.


  • Full-grain leather
  • Treated with repellent system protection
  • Vibram outsole, anti-slip
  • Nanocomposite Safety toe protector
  • Spacious room for toes
  • Comfort-fit design

1. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots 8 Inches

FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots 8 Inches

This is a premium tactical workbook from Free Soldier. The upper part is made of suede leather with 1000D Cordura fabric for great durability and anti-scratch. It also has a toe cap made of suede leather molded so it protects your toes against bump or items dropping. The toe cap material ensures it absorbs shock well.

The lower part features great grip rugged outsoles for slip-prevention and wear resistance. It is made of EVA for lightweight and flexibility. The inside is padded with soft and comfy cushioning for breathability during the hotter days and warm during colder winter. If you are looking for high-quality construction, lightweight, comfortable wearing, and good-looking boots, this is a good product for consideration.


  • Suede leather with 1000D Cordura fabric
  • Toe cap made of suede leather molded
  • Protect against bumps and kick
  • Great rugged outsoles
  • Lightweight
  • Useable during winter/summer
  • Nice looking design


And these are all the reviews and highlights of the 8 lace-up work boots available right now for your comfort and protection. After reading this article, we believe you are able to go search for a safe work boot according to your preference. Remember the main features to look for in good lace-up work boots include the durable material, protective features, and wearing comfort! Enjoy safety in your work and happy shopping!

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