Top 10 Best Tower Fans 2020 Reviews

Fans are known for circulating air. When the fresh indoor air from the fan touches your skin, this creates a cooling sensation for your body. A tower fan is a tower-shaped fan that oscillates over a base. They are built to pull air in and push the air back out in an even more full span. These are great for people living in apartments and small living spaces. Tower fans are not to be confused with air coolers that consume more electricity and a water motor. A tower fan’s slender design makes it the perfect instrument for cooling a room from a tight corner. They are known for being efficient, compact, and practical. Below is a list of the top ten best tower fan options on the market.

10. Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan

This Lasko oscillating tower fan is stylishly designed for any living room, bedroom, or office. It is most known for keeping any space cool and comfortable for everyone. Key features of this tower fan include remote control, a built-in carry handle, three whisper-quiet speeds, and a blue plug patented safety fuse technology. The tower is also 32 inches tall with a 10-inch base. Reviews by customers who have used this Lasko fan call it reasonably quiet except at high speeds. This could be bad for people who enjoy the white noise of a fan. This fan also only reaches only half of a bigger room, instead of the whole room. It also comes with many different speeds and timers, which is great for customers who enjoy having their fan set to a range of rates over time.

9. Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Oscillating Tower Fan

Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Oscillating Tower Fan

The Seville tower fan is a classic complement to your favorite room in your home. Seville classics has been the leader in home organization and storage solutions for 40 years. The key features of this fan include four-speed settings, a 75-degree oscillation motion, a LED control panel, calming sleep air modes, and remote control. The smooth intake grill inside of the fan allows it to have powerful airflow and circulation. Customers that ordered this product reviewed that it was easy to assemble with excellent sturdy quality. This made the fan blow fresh air in plentiful amounts in a breeze. Customers also said that the fan was extremely quiet, perfect for a night of great sleep.

8. Lasko Fan and Space Heater Combo Tower

Lasko Fan and Space Heater Combo Tower

This safe ceramic element has both overheat protection and cool-touch housing. This combination tower will follow you through all of the seasons. It will blow warm air on you during the winter and cool breeze on you during the summer months. This product was designed and engineered with quality in mind. Key features include an easy-to-clean filter, digital electronic controls, and built-in safety features that make this Lasko combination tower the most innovative hybrid ever. Safety features include a tip-over safety switch and overheat protection for long periods of use. Reviews made by the customers stated that the hybrid tower worked great. Its design also made it aesthetically pleasing for customers to look at after purchasing. Though this fan does fit into tight spaces, it should produce more heat for its size.

7. Dr Prepare Oscillating Fan Tower

Dr Prepare Oscillating Fan Tower

Feel the coolness with this dual fan that maximizes air movement and delivers strong airflow. It has a slim modern design that is beloved by customers, and it produces a smooth wind with limited white noise. Key features include three timer options, a 110-degree oscillation, an energy-efficient 16W motor, and a space-saving design. Reviews state that this tower is the perfect inexpensive office desk fan. It is excellent for individual use, and it delivers a powerful breeze regardless of its small design. If you need a durable, practical, and portable fan, you are in the right place.

6. Black and Decker Oscillating Tower Fan

Black and Decker Oscillating Tower Fan

Give your favorite room some much-needed ventilation with this multifunctioning fan. Never worry about needing extra air freshening with this Black and Decker Tower fan. The key features of this fan include an easy-to-use remote control, three fan modes, an LED display screen, and three-speed settings. The reviews on this Black and Decker fan state that the fan is very quiet and works great for the price. The only real problem that people encountered was that the display wouldn’t shut off unless the fan is in sleep mode. This could be an inconvenience to someone buying this product.

5. Pelonis Oscillating Space Heater

Pelonis Oscillating Space Heater

Experience comfy indoor warmth from this reliable fan from Pelonis. It has been the trusted brand for home comfort for over 25 years, and they also set the standard for safety and quality in the industry. Enjoy your desired temperature with this sensitive temperature reaction system. Key features include a built-in carry handle, a unique optional heating way, and remote control. You could place in fan vertically or horizontally. Customers that reviewed this tower highly recommend it to other people that are in search of a new fan. This model is a good quality that is worth every dime spent. Customers also enjoyed the horizontal or vertical option that comes with this fan. It added to the appeal.

4. Lasko Portable Electric Bladeless Tower

Lasko Portable Electric Bladeless Tower

This bladeless tower has a sleek, vertical space-saving design that you will adore. The design also allows for 30% more available airflow in your room. This bladeless fan is excellent for people who have children, but still want to enjoy having a fan. Spinning blades can be very dangerous for children to be around. The main features of this fan include four quiet speeds, optional oscillation, a nighttime setting, and a fully assembled vertical design. Lasko has been highly trusted for decades. Customer reviews say that the fan is space-efficient and less noisy than other fans. It also has a unique and alluring design that makes it one of the best bladeless fans. One negative about this fan is that it can be rather loud at higher speeds.

3. Pelonis FZ10 Quiet Tower Fan

Pelonis FZ10 Quiet Tower Fan

Get maximum comfort in a maximum amount of space using this Pelonis fan. Home is what Pelonis does; someone looking for a fan would be crazy to look past this one. Key features include three-speed settings, a 60-degree wide oscillation, a high-quality copper motor, and a 2-in-1 function. This function allows for this product to double as a table and stand fan. Reviews call this fan a high energy-efficient fan. It is an excellent value for the low price, and it circulates air in a room very well. It also has a quiet, compact design, loved by the people who purchase this fan.

2. Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan

Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan

Ditch your old and traditional fan for this modern tower fan. Its advanced turbine technology gives comfortable, cold air to customers without distracting noise. This company knows a lot about silent cooling. Key features include a compact and unique design, two adjustable fan speeds, and a built-in handle for portability. Reviews by customers stated that the Forty4 is the perfect little fan that is noiseless. People who have purchased this fan say that it is simple yet efficient, making it the best space-saving compact fan.

1. LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Fan

LivePure Oscillating Bladeless Vortex Fan

Fill your whole room with this pearl white bladeless fan from LivePure. Quickly cool your home with the fresh indoor breeze of LivePure’s fan. I promise you will not regret your decision to purchase this highly-rated fan. Key features include 45-degree oscillation, a LED accent light, a sleep timer, and a remote. This blade-free design prevents dust buildup and is safe for pets and children. Reviews on this LivePure fan call it a fantastic elegant fan that is both stylish and modern. This makes it the perfect replacement fan for people who are interested in purchasing. It completes its primary purpose of providing circulation with a breeze, and it looks and works like a high-priced fan making it the best tower fan.

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