Top 8 Best Paint Sprayers For Furniture 2020 Reviews

There are a number of advantages to using a paint sprayer over painting furniture with a brush. For one, you’ll get a flawless finish rather than seeing brush strokes and uneven coverage. It is also easier to reach all of the hard to get to places, and it’ll save you a substantial amount of time. All paint sprayers are not created equal, though, and it is importnat to invest in one that will not only do a good job but will last for the entirety of the job without clogging up or causing you problems. A paint sprayer makes it possible to achieve professional-looking results and will also stretch out your paint as you won’t have to apply numerous coats to get everything even. Some of the very best Paint Sprayers For Furniture come in small packages and are actually quite affordable to make your renovation budget go even further.

8. Automatic Paint Spray Gun

Automatic Paint Spray Gun

This automatic paint spray gun will make any painting task easier with its user-friendly design. It is easy to assemble and is perfect for painting wood, furniture, cars, and more.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy to assemble and wash
  • Features double insulation protection
  • Ideal for any painting job
  • Delivers precision
  • 400 watts of power
  • Includes cleaning attachments

7. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless pint Spray Gun

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless pint Spray Gun

This paint sprayer is perfect for getting your projects completed such as painting your fence, home, deck and much more. It delivers outstanding performance with its 2800 psi and features a 1/2 HP motor. Its 25-foot kink-free hose gives you the freedom to move around, and it will draw paint from a one or five-gallon paint can for your convenience. This is the perfect paint sprayer for the DIY homeowner.


  • Ideal for large painting projects
  • Has a powerful 1/2 HP motor
  • Delivers 2800 psi to spray paint
  • Features a pressure control knob
  • Generous 25-foot long kink-resistant hose
  • Draws paint from one gallon or five-gallon container

6. Homeright Super Finish Max Power Painter Home Sprayer

Homeright Super Finish Max Power Painter Home Sprayer

This paint sprayer is perfect for the beginner painter as it does not require as much thinning as similar models. It’s easy to get started as well, and it features many different spray settings. It is lightweight and already comes with a green spray tip installed. It also includes two additional tips for more coverage options.


  • Features 450 watts of power
  • Can handle thin varnishes and thick paints
  • Compatible with six spray tips and comes with three
  • Has a 39 fluid ounce container to save time refilling
  • Delivers precision coverage

5. Graco Magnum Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

With this paint sprayer, you have the ability to adjust the pressure of the paint flow that best suits the current project that you are working on. You don’t need to thin your paint, and you can spray directly from the paint bucket. Its Power Flush Adapter also makes it very easy to clean it after each use.


  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Features Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • Spray directly from paint can
  • Power Flush Adapter for easy cleanup
  • Perfect for painting decks, exteriors of homes, and more
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Features Reverse-A-Clean spray tip that clears tip plugs with a twist

4. Wagner SpraytechControl Spray Sprayer

Wagner SpraytechControl Spray Sprayer

This control sprayer can apply a coating up to 4.1 oz. every minute and it always delivers smooth and consistent coverage. It is perfect for use with varnishes, sealer, stains, and finish-grade enamels. It lets you adjust the flow to match the project you are working on, and it has an HVLP control sprayer that is perfect for any project.


  • Features maximum, low overspray, three pattern shapes, and variable flow control
  • Comes with a sprayer and 1 1/2-quart sprayer
  • Applies coatings of up to 4.1 oz. per minute
  • Perfect for a variety of materials
  • Adjustable paint flow
  • Light plastic housing and reservoir

3. Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer is fully adjustable to give you the perfect coverage, and the Stainless Steel Piston Pump lets you spray paint unthinned paint. You can also use it to get paint directly from a 1 or a 5-gallon paint bucket. It is easy and convenient to store all of the extras in its compartments, and the PowerFlush Adapter makes it easy to clean. It can support as much as 50 feet of paint hose to make it easier to reach hard-to-get-to places.


  • Adjustable paint flow
  • Stainless Steel Piston Pump lets you spray unthinned paint at high pressure
  • You can spray from a one or five-gallon paint bucket
  • Features extra storage from the extra tips, hose, and spray gun
  • RAC IV SwitchTip lets you reverse the tip when it is clogged

2. Wagner iSpray Front End Kit

Wagner iSpray Front End Kit

This sprayer is innovative and has an adjustable paint flow that is precise and can be set to narrow, vertical, wide, and horizontal. It can also spray any coating unthinned.


  • Adjustable spray
  • Fast coverage
  • Four spray options
  • High-quality

1. Home Right Max Fine Sprayer

Home Right Max Fine Sprayer

This paint sprayer is one of the very Best Paint Sprayers For Furniture and is perfect for beginners. It is easy-to-use, and it is easy to control the flow of paint with its trigger control knob. It is also lightweight and can be used with any paint, varnish, satin, or enamel paint.


  • Easy-to-use and setup
  • Lightweight
  • Features 0.08″ brass spray tip
  • Trigger control knob
  • Can be used with many different materials

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