Top 8 Best Kitchen Knife Sets 2019 Reviews

A good kitchen knife should be able to handle multiple jobs without frustrating the chef. Kitchen knives can not only be described by a single set of features alone. There is much concern about how they are hand-felt. A decent set of knives should be comfortable to handle it all and almost feel like an extension of your working arm. In this text, we will discuss the Best Kitchen Knife Sets.

8. Emojoy 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Emojoy 18-piece Kitchen knife set that has wooden block handles are woodenly sharpened.

This set of knives is exceedingly sharp and possess a conical ground and long-lasting and easy to repair and maintain blade. The knives can be comfortably sharpened at a 16-degree angle. The blades of the knives are forged from a high-carbon Stainless German steel. It’s then heat-treated to give the blades hardness that can resist corrosion and stains. The handles of the knives are ergonomically made providing smooth handling as the chef can manage to get a solid grip. The shape of the bolster is intentionally created to offer balance as it has an optimal weight. The handle is non-slip. It provides maximum friction even when the grip is exceptionally wet making it safe and effortless to work with. The set of knives are suitable for all kinds of assignments. They can flawlessly operate as a kitchen knife, santoku knife, Bread knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and serrated knife paring knife, boning knife peeling knife, a steak knife, and kitchen shear knife. In the case of doubts, this set of knives is fully certified by the National Sanitation foundation agency to have met all the safety standards required by professionals.

7. The Elever Knife Set

The Elever knife set.

The blades of these knives are significantly sharpened at 15 degrees. This makes this set of knives sharper than the usual 25 degrees set of kitchen knives. The set consists of a bonus knife sharpener that ensures your set of knives are sharpened at any time. The set consists of all in one specialized block sets. They include a Santoku knife, Chef Knife, carving knife, paring knife, utility knife, kitchen scissors, and four steak knives. The knives have the required features that will complete the face of your kitchen. They will perfectly compliment your kitchen elements like plates, pans, bowls, and pots. Their display is unique and adorable. Technically, the Elever set of knives is made to be seen. They possess wooden blocks that create a serene kitchen environment that takes away all the guesswork. Additionally, they play a significant role where they become an automatic conversation starter especially when in the kitchen. Well, they can be the perfect gifts for women, for your mum or even sister. They can be given as registry gifts, birthday gifts, or even gifts for a housewarming. The triple rivet steel handle is ergonomically designed to offer an even weight distribution which proves to be unreasonably comfortable when working. The set doesn’t fatigue or strain your hands. The added feature which entails a finger placement assures a confident grip which makes you cut like a professional chef. When you try this set of knives, cutting will no longer be a chore but a hobby.

6. Cuisinart C77TR Triple Rivert Collection

Cuisinart C77TR Triple Rivert Collection, 15set knife Block set.

The Cuisinart 15 piece of superior and high-carbon stainless blades are made with much precision and accuracy. The blades are gradually narrowed reaching a fine sharp edge that makes cutting effortless and enjoyable. Their handles are properly forged giving an extra full allowance that makes the knife safe to work with. Additionally, they are stable and make you feel in control when handling. They are made of stainless steel rivets that secure a full-tang blade that is ergonomically designed to give chefs an easy time while in the kitchen. They have a lifetime warranty.

5. Calphalon Classic Self sharpening 15 Pieces.

Calphalon Classic Self sharpening 15 pieces.

The set of kitchen knife consists of 4-1/2 knives that are in pairs, 6-inch serrated knife, 6-inch utility knife, 8-inch Chef’s knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, kitchen shears, sharpening knife block, eight steak knives, and a bread knife. Their handles are labeled for effortless identification while still in the block. Their triple rivet handles are entirely made for solid grips. The steak knives are made of stamped steel. This means that your knives can’t be faced with stains or corrosions. The calphalon set is fully tanged offering admirable balance and strength.

4. McCook MC25 Steel kKitchen Knives

McCook MC25 steel kitchen Knives.

The McCook kitchen knives are rust-resistant and tarnish resistant. The stainless steel cutlery is made explicitly for work, either at home or in a restaurant. All the pieces of knives have passed the FDA tests which entail safety and control. The edges of the knives are mechanically prepared to offer optimum sharpness giving a whole new experience when cutting. They are easy to re-sharpen and offer confidence when working due to their ergonomically designed handles.

3. Stainless Steel Knife with a Block

Stainless steel Knife with a block.

This is a complete set of 13 professional knives that consist of kitchen scissors, a modern knife stand, a bonus peeler, and a premium quality 2-stage sharpener. They are stainless knives that have superior blades that are coated with non-stick paint and ergonomic handles that make cutting enjoyable in the kitchen. They are practically a mix of design that features all purposes of knives, i.e., cheese knife, carving knife, utility knife, paring knife, pizza knife, a steak knife, and a bread knife.

2. J.A Henckels International 13550-05 Statement Knives

J.A Henckels International 13550-05 Statement Knives.

The 15 pieces of knives entail a serrated utility knife, Santoku knife that is hollow and has an 8-inch edge, a bread knife, chef’s knife, and steak knife. Inclusive is a steel kitchen shear and hardwood block. The knives are dishwasher safe, have a long-lasting sharpness and have maximum maneuverability. The knives are made in China. The blades are professionally finished giving a fine cut with handles that are ergonomically designed offering stability and good control when working.

1. Cuisinart C77SS-A5PK Stainless Steel Knives with a Hollow Handle Block

Cuisinart C77SS-A5PK Stainless steel knives with a hollow handle block.

The Cuisinart C77SS are labeled as the Best Kitchen Knife Sets. The knives are stainless. Their blades are carbon made offering accuracy and precision when working. They are durable, reliable and bolster perfect control and stability. Their ergonomically shaped handles offer comfort when handling. They are easy to clean and have a lifetime warranty.

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