Top 8 Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers 2020 Reviews

Just about every young boy or girl has a favorite toy from their childhood. For most little ones they had a baby doll as a toddler that became their very first best friend. As they watched their mother it wasn’t long before they would long for a baby of their own, especially if a new brother or sister joined the family. There is no question that most little kids love to snuggle so having their own little baby to hug and kiss and carry around made for a very favorite companion. Any of the selections on the following list of the Best Baby Dolls for Toddlers would make any little girl or boy so happy.

8. Baby Doll Car Seat with Toy Accessories

Baby Doll Car Seat with Toy Accessories

This 12-inch doll comes with everything your toddler needs to take care of their baby: a booster car seat, 2 bottles, a bib, toy rattles, and a diaper bag to carry everything in. Baby can either be carried around in a backpack transporter or sit right next to the toddler in their own car seat. Pretty in pink and blue this doll is perfect for a baby boy as well as a little girl. The features of this model are realistic for teaching the child how to interact with other little people. Dressing their own little one helps toddlers with their small motor skills.

7. Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

This adorable little doll by Kidoozie is realistically made so that toddlers up to preschoolers can relate to an actual baby. Using only the highest quality materials, the Snug and Hug will be for many years. It comes with a sweet little pink outfit with a matching headband, a diaper, and a bottle. The child who plays with this doll will learn eye/hand coordination and enjoy creative actions at their own pace while having plenty of fun.

6. Berenguer Boutique 15” Soft Body Baby Doll

Berenguer Boutique 15” Soft Body Baby Doll

Besides looking just like a real baby, this 15-inch doll comes with everything that is needed for an actual infant: two outfits, a hat, shoes, a rattle to play with, a bottle to drink from, and her own baby dish and utensils. This doll is one of the best baby dolls for toddlers because along with hugging and snuggling this soft lifelike toy, they can change her clothes, feed her, and even watch her eyes close as they rock her to sleep. (They open back up when she is picked up again.)

5. JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies

Berenguer provides the perfect solution for a sister and brother who want to play together – they each get their own lifelike doll. These soft and cuddly babies come with contrasting outfits with playful animals on the front, matching hats, and their own attached pacifier. Each twin is 13 inches and exhibits their own unique facial expression. This duo is best for children who are 2-years old or more. This set is a great buy – you get two baby dolls for the price that it usually costs for just one.

4. 11 inch Soft Body Doll in Gift Box

11 inch Soft Body Doll in Gift Box

While this baby doll looks like the simplest version, the rage of children that it can entertain is much broader than most selections. The 11-inch doll baby is part of the New York Doll Collection and features models that are Caucasian, African American, Asian, and Hispanic. Each doll comes with an adorable outfit with a matching hat as well as a pacifier, bottle, and feeding plate with utensils.

3. JC Toys, La Baby 16-inch Purple Washable Soft BabyDoll

JC Toys, La Baby 16-inch Purple Washable Soft BabyDoll

On the outside, this may look like a sweet little baby doll, not a lot of frills, and is reasonably priced at less than $But the bigger picture is, La Baby is a doll that has been painstakingly created by innovative designers to make it look as real as can be. It is a doll that is snuggly enough but still light enough for children as young as 12 months old to maneuver. JC Toys is a family owned and operated company that takes their job seriously – to bring the best toys that will captivate little ones at a price that is affordable to all. La Baby can be purchased in three different outfits and besides Caucasian, you can select Asian, African American, or Hispanic.

2. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-inch Soft Body Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-inch Soft Body Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug have been making top-of-the-line items for children for more than 30 years. They have consistently set the bar for products that challenge a child’s creativity while teaching them at the same time. Mine to Love Jenna is no exception. This sweet little baby girl comes in a pretty-in-pink outfit with a matching hat and pacifier. She is perfect for little ones that are 18 months or older and you can even get her personalized.

1. JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

This smaller version of La Baby by JC Toys has all the great qualities of the larger version but is just a little bit smaller. It is easier for smaller children to handle and is priced at just $You can choose from a pink or blue outfit and she is also available in three different ethnicities. La Baby comes with her own baby blanket and she is all ready for snuggle time.

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